Hear what people have to say from previous IceStyleUSA sessions

The training itself is absolutely among the best I’ve seen so far. It is very well balanced between the intensiveness of training and the insightfulness of education. We highly respected the knowledge, the skills, the passion and the dedication that the coaches have consistently demonstrated throughout the training sessions. Albert enjoys it so much that he has already committed to come back while he was catching his breath right after the last drill of the program. He even claimed that he would like to join the training program in Moscow :-) Actually, I’ve never seen Albert enjoy hockey so much right after such a prolonged and exhausted training event. We definitely expect to bring him back to the program again in the future.

Finally, congratulations to you for successfully organizing such a wonderful event, Отлично поставленная работа!

-Daxu Yin

I am very impressed with the camp. Niko most definitely improved during his Icestyle Camp.  He showed more concentrated effort than previously at skills and he gained momentum during power skating.  This fall will be his first on a travel team and he should be able to better take advantage of all the nuances of the camp next year.  We appreciated the coaches hands-on approach to helping each child improve and do their personal best.  The practices are far superior to any we have encountered elsewhere.

We look forward to joining in next year.

-Renate Tucker

I can say, without a doubt, this was the best hockey camp I have ever enrolled my son in. Andrew said it was hard, but he had fun and his skill level improved considerably.

-Martin DePoy


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